Gathering Information

Our professional merchant service advisors take the client's business & financial information for the inquiry.

Professional Advisor's

We have the top professional merchant service advisors always ready to help the client.

Analyze Your Business

Our advisors are always ready to help the client's in their business growth and marketing success.


We as a team believe in organised working .

We help innovative businesses around the world incorporate card payments and cryptocurrencies into their payment .


We Offer Great Merchant Services.

We provide experienced advisors for Financial, Marketing, and Business Solutions expertise. Our goal is to maximize your business reputation and finances. We help you see the world differently.

Offshore Merchant Account

Accept Payments In Multiple Currencies From Global Customers Via Offshore Merchant Accounts We help you set-up of Accounts in Countries most suitable for your Business.

Crypto Exchange

We аre committed to mаking the сryрtо revоlutiоn hаррen. Sign uр tо Bitmаtix tоdаy to enjoy the experience of this fantastic technology designed for the betterment of payment processing.

Crypto Payments

Bitmatix helps any online business acknowledge crypto payments and get an equivalent sum in FIAT currencies quickly or hold it and pay with crypto to their accomplices and members.

High Risk Processing

At Bitmatix, we believe every business deserves a chance to thrive. That’s why we help domestic and offshore high-risk merchants process credit cards.

Risk Management

While all roles within a payments company are equally important, it’s better to have robust risk management that is able to spot an ‘iceberg’.

Business Consulting

Look no further than Bitmatix, the top-rank expert in getting your Business Consulting Merchant Account ready to receive payments.


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One stop shop

We simplify the transaction experience and ensure secure payments at the highest level.

We act as a one-for-all acquiring and payment processing partner and enable your customers to pay on your website at any time and from anywhere in the world.

We know your business already

We are your business partner

Receive payment in bitcoin or local currencies like USD, EUR, GBP and more.

Accept instant payments from anywhere. Fund global payouts with local currency.

Convert automatically, instantly or on your schedule.

Receive funds in the currency of your choice using Split Settlement.