Business Consulting

Look no further than Bitmatix, the top-rank expert in getting your Business Consulting Merchant Account ready to receive payments. Get authorised now to have your trading account with a high-risk merchant account at minimum fees and rates.

Bitmatix is here to fix merchants dealing in high risk by opening up the door to an affordable and effective business, consulting, to make a trade account. We have a well-developed range of services, which are suitable for companies of all sizes. At different levels of need, we can position ourselves to help consultants who are struggling with the “high-risk” label they receive from major financial institutions.

Why Do You Need Merchant Account Services for Business Consulting?

Business consulting services can provide valuable opportunities for improving the performance of other firms, including well-known consultants who often struggle to find an acquirer. The banks are willing to take on and manage their business. This is not to mention the difficulties that entrepreneurs face in the process, to self-seeking, few in number, their habits and skills. The injury to log in to an account, or go through the long and difficult process of underwriting, only to get turned down can not only be frustrating, but it also is a serious obstacle for the development of your business. 

Bitmatix specializes in reducing credit card processing expenses, bringing significant savings to business owners. Our consultants have been working with banking and credit card processing companies and have a deep knowledge of their business. Our expertise provides us with the opportunity to renegotiate your existing merchant account contract or establish a new one to get the lowest possible rates for you and rest assured that you are set up with an equitable processing system for your business needs and wants.

Growing your business Quick

Leading your business smartly

Bring with experiences Team

Additional Benefits

There are many other benefits we bring to the table for our clients. Some of the additional advantages are:

  • Fee structures that are suitable and adaptable for your business, including no fees charged at setup
  • Online options for consultants with an e-commerce presence
  • Access to international merchant accounts for consultants performing work domestically and overseas
  • Committed and devoted customer service support that does not see or serve you as a number, but a client with relationship and history with our company
  • Lower Your rates
  • 3D Secure Frictionless Checkouts
  • Chargeback Prevention
  • International Merchant Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Eliminate Fees