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In an ever changing and evolving cashless world, Business and business payments need to reach a larger audience and make the overall payment and business experience smooth and prompt. For this one need to set up an online business with a robust and secure payment solution to truly unlock and unleash the business and the associated payments potential

Since credit cards have gained acceptance and have a high usage rate across mature markets one key goal is to have a higher checkout conversion, better approval rates and grow your business with a secure, customizable, trustworthy payment set up based on cloud technology.

Bitmatix offers and supports this endeavour by helping you build a powerful, easy to use and secure solution to enable credit card processing for all online business requirements of a merchant. Not only will this give the business a new dimension as well as an edge especially in a world scenario advocating minimal use of physical contact and less use of cash but also set up the business on a path of innovation and growth.

The whole solution implementation requires integration through a single API to ensure seamless merger of the payment methods in the main business website/app and enhance the overall customer experience which will enhance the appeal and as well as overall user retention for the merchant in his business apart from having a quick access and confirmation of the business funds.

The key deliverables of our credit card payment solution are as follows

  • Deliver faster, more reliable payments as payments are prepaid and are confirmed in a short duration apart from being accessible 24*7 throughout the year
  • One also gets to maximize the overall business potential as card payment solutions will enable you to work on higher transaction limits and multiple usage in a defined duration without being impacted from restrictions of physical currency usage.
  • Business Intelligence is a key aspect of any business. Our payment gateway setup will give crucial and insightful data basis the business transactions being done, and important business decision can be made on same helping the business to grow in an organic and organized manner.
  • Competitive rates based on expected Monthly Processing Volume (USD) and some of the world’s most innovative businesses use our online payment platform to shape your business strategy. Our solitary goal is to ensure maximum value from every transaction and help merchants embrace the power of connected payments to unlock business growth with optimized payment performance through our solutions.
  • Customized payment solutions so as to create unique payment experiences as every merchant basis the industry vertical, clientele, web/application, product on offer and end-user would want flexibility in this set up to ensure his business ahead of the game
  • Often changes are made based on inputs which come over a period of time, our CRM tools will help you track your payments real time to make faster business decisions and work on data insights and the CRM tool gives an unrivalled access to access /modify the required changes to affect the same. Analytics show that even an extra 1% really adds up and has a significant impact on bottom-line


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  • Faster, Secure and improved payment performance with our unified payments technology. Our tools allow businesses the requisite data to spot key trends and make data driven informed decisions real time to optimize business payment flows and unlock the whole potential value from every business transaction.
  • One integration and Simple Innovation – We essentially cut through complexity and deliver a wonderful payment set up through a single, clean API integration. You integrate with us once, and we provide constant updates, changes and access to the features, regulatory and compliance updates, payment methods updates and global trends markets for the payment modes.
  • Higher conversion: We work closely with you to assess and monitor the performance of your payments with our CRM tools to balance the fine line in risk acceptance versus business conversion on agreed business terms
  • Reach: Our global solution will let you access new markets and do business and accept more payments, without the complexity of a conventional set up and associated costs for the same. Due to our strong product and tech support, you will benefit from our microservice structure helping your business at your convenience at the comfort of your base location.

Let’s help you make your unified payments solution today so we can open paths to unlock business potential and innovation and let your business grow. At the same time, view and track data analytics to assess every transaction flowing across your business helping you improve, innovate and modify to unlock more potential value.