Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency money payment allows organisations to acknowledge digital currency exchanges as payment from clients in return for merchandise or services. These frameworks accept payments from any country and emphasized security because of the idea of blockchain-based digital forms of money

Bitmatix works as a worldwide payment scheme, interfacing all partners keen on crypto-crypto clients, crypto wallets, crypto trades, payment arrangement providers, and dealers. Bitmatix helps any online business acknowledge crypto payments and get an equivalent sum in FIAT currencies quickly or hold it and pay with crypto to their accomplices and members.

Enterprises like betting, gaming, dating, and others like to offer bitcoin, among other payment techniques. Besides, numerous retailers (eCommerce, hardware, and so forth) additionally include this cash for the checkout page. Microsoft, Expedia, Newegg, and different vendors are on the rundown. How is it possible that you would go along with them? Yes. It’s via Bitmatix

Bitmatix assists shippers with taking into account worldwide necessities and contact a global crowd. It offers worldwide inclusion for this payment alternative. That helps to withdraw from a vast group and hold the current one. Besides, Bitmatix offers its extortion and chargeback avoidance programming to ensure vendors. Bitmatix works with internet dating, betting, gaming vendors, and many other low, medium, and high-risk industry merchants; it comprehends the significance of this payment strategy. This payment processor allows the shipper to acknowledge bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on its site. The vendor gets the assigned payment button and the facilitated payment page. Bitmatix settles payments through FPS, SEPA, ACH, and other bank move types. Settlements are accessible in currencies like EUR, USD, GBP.

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How does it work?

  • Sell assistance or item – Bitmatix dealer instruments permit executing crypto payments to practically any site or block and mortar store.
  • Customer chooses Bitmatix for payment – A list of cryptocurrency forms will be given to clients to pay for products or services. 
  • We produce payment receipt – We ascertain the cost of the product in the chosen digital cash and provide a payment window to the  customer. 
  • You get your income – Once you get paid in different digital forms of money, we gather and move profit to you as Euros, Bitcoin, other upheld computerised resources, or all.


  • Acknowledge  all types of digital currencies as payments
  • Wipeout hazards
  • Payouts in digital currencies for your business
  • Simple API coordination