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High-risk Merchant Account

As high-risk companies are more prone to chargebacks, they come with the need to pay higher fees for merchant services. The more chargebacks a business comes with, the higher the risk. Hence, the main factors that matter are industry reputation and processing history (it’s recommended to keep your chargeback ratio lower than 0.9% of your total transactions).

Reasons Merchants are Labeled High-Risk.
A bank’s underwriting guidelines determine whether a merchant is a high risk. Therefore, each financial institution or processor calculates risk differently. Chargebacks and fraud assess risk. The more likely a business is expected to have a large volume of chargebacks, the greater the risk.
Though one factor alone likely will not determine whether a business requires a high-risk merchant account, these factors influence the decision:

  • Business Location
  • Business Size
  • Credit History
  • Credit Card Processing
  • History
  • High Chargeback Ratios
  • Type of Industry
  • Whether a Business Exclusively Operates Online

Though most merchants only become high-risk accounts after racking up excessive chargebacks, some find advantages to these accounts. Increased sales volume allowances, multi-currency options, and recurring billing are benefits to using high-risk payment processing.

Our High-Risk Merchant Account Experts
Our team at Bitmatix works hard to help international businesses process credit card payments quickly and efficiently. We also offer a host of other fintech and Payment Gateway Solutions That allow high-risk processing merchant accounts to grow .

We offer:

  • Chargeback Dispute Resolution and Prevention Programs
  • High-Volume Payment Solutions
  • Online Payment Gateways

In addition to having significant experience working with high-risk merchants, we also maintain a positive reputation because of our fair, customized pricing options and quality customer support.

Ready to Process Credit Card Payments for High-Risk Merchants
At Bitmatix, we believe every business deserves a chance to thrive. That’s why we help domestic and offshore high-risk merchants process credit cards. We provide credit card processing to all businesses, including these industries:

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Forex
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • CBD

We like to give all businesses a chance, even those with less than perfect credit or past bankruptcies. Additionally, we work with startups with little or no credit history, companies hit with chargebacks and returns, and merchants that had accounts terminated by banks.
All client information is kept secure and confidential, and we streamline the application process, making it simple and easy. Our high-risk merchant account provider can get credit card transactions processed online in no time. Fill out an application today.

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Who needs a high-risk merchant account?

An example of high-risk businesses is the Gambling Industry, as various factors can cause cancellations. This usually ends up with several refunds and customers who file chargebacks. Some others are Adult industry, Gaming, forex trading, and adult-themed websites, to name a few. Many other industries or business models are prone to chargebacks, so here’s the list of the most common types of businesses that need high-risk merchant accounts.

How do I apply for a high-risk merchant account?

The process of applying for a high-risk merchant account is short and straightforward. Choose Bitmatix as your payment partner and we will help you find a bank that matches your business needs. Once the acquiring bank approves your business, you can start processing payments online or on mobile.