Offshore Merchant Accounts

The Bitmatix group has global offshore merchant accounts and cater to worldwide payment processing worldwide. Additionally, our esteemed organisation reaches out to practically every landmass and can assist merchants with applying and getting card processing in numerous high-risk enterprises.

Working with the vast network of acquirer banks ensure Bitmatix to provide all major credit card processing options for the issuance of funds to the merchants. Among the many benefits of credit card processing services, Bitmatix has the ability to receive payments in multiple currencies. With our acquiring bank partners to recognise all major currencies across the globe, which allows the merchants to sell goods and services to customers in their familiar way of exchange.

When taking into consideration an offshore merchant account provider, rates and charges, which can be the decisive factor, Bitmatix offers a very competitive and reasonable fee to the merchants, by means of the various partners and a network of acquiring banks. We ensure timely approval of the funds.

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Why Offshore

Offshore high-risk merchant accounts are a great way to accept payments from international buyers. They provide the opportunity for business owners to lower their risk and exposure by allowing them to process transactions in different currencies. Let’s walk through what offshore merchant accounts are, how they work, who needs one, and some of the advantages that you can experience with these types of accounts.

Offshore Merchant Account Benefits

Offshore merchant accounts are perfect for processing payments for merchants who can’t get a domestic merchant account due to the nature of their business.

The banking industry is regulated differently in different countries, which creates a favorable climate for banks and processors to work with high-risk businesses. As a result, there is more opportunity for high-risk companies to secure overseas banking.