Risk Management

What is Risk Management? 

The Bitmatix Risk Management administration comprises a scope of mechanized checks. These checks will apply to Mastercards, Visa and other card schemes. These checks are extra to the standard survey in Bitmatix’s administration site. These checks will assist with limiting the danger of chargebacks from Mastercard/Visa or banks. 

Payment risk management means finding solutions for all of these issues. The best way to address all the risks of eCommerce is with an effective fraud mitigation stack — a collection of tools that mitigate risk and proactively address revenue loss.

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Risk Management Techniques

  • 3D Secure Authentication:

    3-D Secure is an authentication tool that verifies whether the person using a particular credit card is actually the cardholder. If the charge is illegitimate, they report the fraud before the charge even goes through.

    3-D Secure doesn’t just prevent fraudulent charges; it also allows your business to maintain a strong reputation as a secure, customer-oriented retailer.

  • Chargeback Management Techniques:  Bitmatix ensures that chargebacks are minimized by using Fraud Detection Tools,  Request Authorization, Flag checks, Process Information and Refunds, etc.

  • PCI-DSS Compliance: Our Security Metrics are  with PCI-DSS norms and we ensure that your business and its payment methods are safe and well-regulated.